Kavana pizzeria Orhideja

Kavana Orhideja offers its guests the perfect atmosphere of the Mediterranean with a quality selection of pizzas, hot entrees and desserts.
The offer includes:
Pizzas – margarita, funghi, tonno, Napolitana, mista, scampi, vegetarian, calzone, orchid, frutti di mare, Hawai, quatro formaggio, roma, salami, CAPRICOSA, quattro stagione, and of course various accessories for pizza.Hot dishes – kebab sandwich, kebab in serving, toast, butter marmalade, Fogaça, pizza cut and a large selection of sandwiches.

Cakes – baklava, cream cake, tiramisu, croissants, chocolate cake, and you can take the whole cake.

Ice cream – beads, whipped cream, banana split, cup kiwi, strawberry cup, cup of orchids, fruit salad, Pinocchio, spaghetti ice cream, chocolate cup, mixed ice cream, nut cup, pineapple cup, cup cherry, tropical, nectarines cup and various cups liqueur .

Kavana Orhideja offers a large selection of hot and iced drinks, wine, beer and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages